About NIFA

The Nigerian International Franchise Association is a trade association committed to the development and promotion of franchising in Nigeria.


To educate potential investors and entrepreneurs in Nigeria on fundamentals  of franchising and its proven track record for success and growth in business.

To create a conducive atmosphere in Nigeria that attracts United States, Canadian, European and other foreign franchise companies.

To become a central clearinghouse for franchise companies interested in expansion into the Nigerian market by providing cultural orientation and briefing on local business practices,
referrals to legal and financial professionals and other consultative services.

To cooperate with government regulatory agencies to encourage policies and standards that are conducive to the conduct of franchise businesses and provide appropriate protection for the general public and consumers.

To network with other international franchise organizations to share ideas and information

To develop and promote indigenous franchise concepts and brands in Nigeria.

To advocate ethical conduct in all
franchise transactions and to educate franchise companies, franchisees and the general public about the importance of developing and maintaining ethical practices in the conduct of business.

To create a database of all existing franchise operations in Nigeria.